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Contemplation puts us in touch intuitively and lovingly with the truth. It helps us develop wisdom, a God’s eye view of reality. Perhaps a talk, an insight, or a recommended book or film will draw you deeper into both wisdom and the truest form of love.

Therese and Four Tonics for a Happy Life

"She looks like she could never tell a lie." Talk by Fr. John Udris gives some practical advice on changing one's habits from this doctor of the Church and healer. Part 1, 37 mins. Part 2, 24 mins ...
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What About Mindfulness?

Anxiety vs. Freedom Everyone agrees the rampant disease in our Western culture is anxiety. The Atlantic has a recent video naming this condition even among the most successful young adults. One woman developed a facebook following beyond her dreams and yet she is left, not fulfilled, but anxious, dissatisfied, and burnt out. One reason people ...
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Living in the Spirit

Talk by Sr. Ceil How do we live when we are friends with God? 20 mins ...
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The Way of Friendship with Teresa of Avila

Talk by Gillian Coxhead Teresa was a good friend of God as well as of God's friends. 35 mi ...
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I Call You Friends

Talk by Br. Thomas Crutcher Friendship with God implies in some sense, equality with God. 12 min ...
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