This new group was launched on 28th March 2015, with the approval of Bishop John Fleming, and includes people from different backgrounds ages and nationalities. Laymen stayed on Mt. Carmel after the Crusades to become hermits in a community whose Rule’s central tenet was “to meditate on the Law of the Lord night and day.” Later Carmelite saints were born with their passion for an even more direct and intimate experience of God. Saints Teresa and John of the Cross were given real divine touches that transformed them, as well as the know-how to bring others along, leaving rich guidance for today’s want-to-be contemplatives.  They meet four times a year, usually February, May, August, and November.  Some need to keep in touch mostly via the web site.


Our cultural individualism leaves us longing for belonging. For friends. For something bigger than our own small world. Friends in Christ. Communion. We become friends by living life fully and adventurously, loving the people around us, immersing ourselves in the beauty of the world and developing our gifts, but above all when we allow ourselves to be crucified with Him and wait for God himself to raise us from the dead.

Friends of Carmel at the Holy Well near Holy Hill Hermitage
Friends of Carmel Retreat Day