For some time I have been dipping into the writings of Hans Urs Von Balthasar and during this Lent I am reading /praying his Heart of the World,  a poetic reflection that is one of his most spiritual and accessible books.  A theme that he revolves around is the meaning of Jesus’s words: “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”  when Balthasar claims, Jesus actually visited and experienced hell so that he was stretched further than anyone can imagine in his distance from the Father, thereby glorifying the Father all the more because of his willingness to go to that extreme out of love for the Father and love for mankind.

Something about this experience draws me in more deeply than any other episode from the Passion.

And now that it’s Eastertide this mystery continues to unfold and embrace me, that is, all of us.  As we make our way through the vicissitudes of our modern world, its anguishes and tragedies. We, too, are called to give our lives away, and to rescue all the others—young orphan girls drawn into slavery, prisoners, gang members, and as many others as possible.  Yet, we are not alone.  We are  fed on his flesh and blood so that we, too, can give away our own flesh in the strength of the Spirit.


Brimming Over With Eternal Life

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