Mary and Carmelite Saints

Allure of Carmelite Spirituality

Gillian speaks of Carmelite spirituality in terms of beauty, of its allure, it's being able to name the cry of ...
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Fr. Matt Blake giving a talk at Holy Hill Hermitage

Elijah, Humility and Truth

Fr. Matt addresses the problem Elijah had and we have of feeling alone, and how the first Carmelites looked to ...
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What is Carmelite Spirituality?

Fr. Matt describes even as he takes us into the images and depth of Carmelite spirituality.  When one’s spirituality causes ...
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Finding God Among the Pots and Pans

Listen to Gillian Coxhead as she discusses finding God in the pots and pans. Part I: She explores how finding ...
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G.K. Chesterton

G.K. Chesterton and Therese Rejecting Mad Self-Sufficiency

The next best thing to being present for talk from Fr. John Udris, is listening to his description of the ...
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Fr. John Udris

Becoming a Saint to Fill God’s Desire for Us

Listen to a homily from Fr. John Udris as he enourages us to learn what we can from each unique ...
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The Holy Spirit

On the Fullness of Truth

In this short reflection, Carmelite priest Fr. Matthew Blake tells us how to dispose ourselves to the Holy Spirit ...
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Hands joined in prayer

Teresa of Avila and Common Questions on Prayer

Carmelite priest Matthew Blake answers common questions about prayer from the perspective of St. Teresa of Avila ...
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St. Teresa of Avila

Prayer and St. Teresa of Avila

Fr. Matt Blake reflects on prayer in the writings of Teresa of Avila ...
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St. John of the Cross

Overview of the Writings of St. John of the Cross

Fr. Matthew Blakes gives us an overview of John's major writings ...
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