A Night More Lovely Thank the Dawn

When We Gathered A Night More Lovely Than the Dawn “I said to my soul, be still, and let the ...
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Reveal Your Presence The Yes of Love

When we gathered on December 8th ,   We did so with great enthusiasm since we remembered how the favour ...
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August 18th

When We Gathered One week before the Pope’s arrival in Ireland we gathered at Holy Hill under the theme: Nothing ...
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May 12th Retreat Gathering Day

Pope Francis made a visit to our day of gathering on Friday evening with an immensely helpful talk by Thomas ...
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February 24th Love’s Urgent Longings

At our gathering on February 24th we were entering Lent with gusto.  Brother Thomas set the pace by encouraging us ...
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Mary and Carmelite Saints

November 4th Retreat Gathering Day

November is our time for Fr. Matt.  He and Gillian helped us explore what is Carmelite spirituality.  At Mass we ...
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G.K. Chesterton

August 22nd Retreat Gathering Day (2017)

I wish we had a photo of us as we wound up our day on G.K. Chesterton and St. Therese, ...
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A Hermit's Cell

February 25th Retreat Gathering Day (2017)

Our theme for February’s gathering was the desert.  We go to the desert to meet God. Each of us creates ...
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Icon of people working

May 3rd – 6th Retreat Gathering Day (2017)

Finding God Amidst the Pots and Pans Dorothy Day, said Sr. Ceil, had an abortion, was an unwed mother whose ...
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