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Contemplation puts us in touch intuitively and lovingly with the truth. It helps us develop wisdom, a God’s eye view of reality. Perhaps a talk, an insight, or a recommended book or film will draw you deeper into both wisdom and the truest form of love.

Fire in our Bones

As a sequel to the feast of St. Augustine Fr. Rob, too, latches on to Augustine's passion combined with Jeremiah's seduction and describing how one comes to terms with the Thrud Thrud Thrud within. Fr. Robert Bulbrook 19 min ...
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The One Thing Necessary

St. Augustine in his writings reveals his deepest heart secrets. Perhaps the virgins bearing lamps could learn from him. Br. Thomas Crutcher 11 mins ...
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Wowed By Whiteness

Jesus gives his intimates an experience of glory and light. Sr. Patricia urges us to apply that light where it is most needed ...
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The Extremist with Common Sense: St. Ignatius of Loyola

Sr. Ceil describes a saint with flair who became an expert at practical advice: how to fall in love with Christ through the spiritual exercises; how to make prudent judgments by understanding consolation and desolation; how to order our passions and serve God and the common good ...
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Touched by God

Fr. Rob has caught the spirit of the celebration and sets the tone for our week of preparation. The heart of the Carmelite charism, he says, is to give everything to God ...
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