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Contemplation puts us in touch intuitively and lovingly with the truth. It helps us develop wisdom, a God’s eye view of reality. Perhaps a talk, an insight, or a recommended book or film will draw you deeper into both wisdom and the truest form of love.

Touched by God

Fr. Rob has caught the spirit of the celebration and sets the tone for our week of preparation. The heart of the Carmelite charism, he says, is to give everything to God ...
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The Celebration

We have had quite a celebration of our 25th, minimalist yet intense, beginning the Sunday prior launched by our inspired chaplain, Fr. Robert Bulbrook. Our good friend and artist Clare Lynch and I plastered the walls with photographs and cartoons, serious and funny, that try to tell the story of Holy Hill. Sr. Ceil put ...
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Celebrating a 25th with Constraints

During the lockdown Holy Hill has been tidying the gardens, planting, weeding, laying out gravel, and preparing a summary presentation of those years. This weekend, July 3-5th, we will be celebrating in a very scaled down way in order to preserve social distancing and precautions. We plan to keep celebrating the jubilee throughout the year ...
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Making all Things New

Making All Things New             When we look at the big picture today, we can discern that most people are searching for God whether they know it or not, searching in whatever strange ways.    The current virus is a wake-up call saying, “Stop and reflect.” “Why are you disturbed?”  “What matters to you?”  “Where are ...
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Adjusting to a New Reality

Talk by Br. Thomas Crutcher 22 mins. Br. Thomas describes Paul's extraordinary conversion and his subsequent need to integrate that grace. During this season of 'plague' Thomas asks what graces might one encounter and how can we be Eastered in such a season? ...
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