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Contemplation puts us in touch intuitively and lovingly with the truth. It helps us develop wisdom, a God’s eye view of reality. Perhaps a talk, an insight, or a recommended book or film will draw you deeper into both wisdom and the truest form of love.

Keepers of the Flame

As a way of addressing the present moment in our times Sr. Ceil draws on the example of Moses the Listener, and of Pope Francis. God is not looking for talent, she says, but for listeners. God wants keepers of the flame who will be themselves the fuel showing love in the best way they ...
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Spiritual Testimonies

Spiritual Testimony 49 (Seville, 1575) God’s Presence in the Soul Once when I was recollected in this company, I always bear with me in my soul, God seemed so present to me that I though of St. Peters words: ‘You are Christ, Son of the living God.’ For God was thus living in my soul ...
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Embracing the Power of Weakness

Fr. Eric Haarer speaks to an American comumity about a unmiversal dilemna; how to deal with our own weakness. Maturity demands responsibility ...
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At Home Or a Stranger?

Matthew, or Levi, humbly and joyfully received the invitation into the unknown. Ideally, when we follow Jesus completely we come to the place where the flames no longer burn; they dance. We enjoy the banquet always. Sr. Ceil McGowan ...
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“True Worshippers Will Worship the Father in Spirit and Truth”

As the pandemic winds down we here at the hermitage watch for signs of a new world order.  The feast of John the Baptist’s birth is symbolically significant.  John is the divine messenger from God ushering in a new era.  His prophetic witness comes out of the desert where man meets God in purity and ...
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