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Contemplation puts us in touch intuitively and lovingly with the truth. It helps us develop wisdom, a God’s eye view of reality. Perhaps a talk, an insight, or a recommended book or film will draw you deeper into both wisdom and the truest form of love.

Courage Unparalleled

Beginning with a poem by Denise Levertov Sr. Ceil speaks to our own experiences of decision that require graced courage and that in the end could open us utterly ...
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Occasion of Grace

Many blessings infilrate our life, even in the midst of this pandemic. With a light touch Br. Thomas encourages us to break out of the shallows and step up to this occasion of grace ...
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Trust Lent

I pray each of you is well and carrying on bravely as you depend more and more on your inner resources, and I pray with Edith Stein: “Oh my God, fill my soul with joy, courage and strength to serve you. Enkindle your love in me and then walk with me along the next stretch ...
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Lent–Greater Joy and Greater Life

Brother Thomas sets our minds right approaching Lent. He motivates us to enjoy life through ego-renunciation ...
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The Gravitational Force of the Word

Already we are into another liturgical season, Lent, the Church’s time for retreat. Not long ago we were amazed at the gravitational pull that persuaded our God to come live among us as a baby. And soon we were drawn into his public life where we saw how the crowds evoked his gut level attention ...
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