Featured Talks on Carmelite Spirituality

Hands joined in prayer

Teresa of Avila and Common Questions on Prayer

Talk by Fr. Matt Blake Carmelite priest Fr. Matthew Blake answers common questions about prayer from the perspective of St. Teresa of Avila. 20 min ...
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St. Teresa of Avila

Prayer and St. Teresa of Avila

Talk by Fr. Matt Blake Fr. Matt Blake reflects on prayer in the writings of Teresa of Avila. 25 min ...
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St. John of the Cross

Overview of the Writings of St. John of the Cross

Talk by Fr. Matt Blake Fr. Matthew Blakes gives us an overview of John's major writings. 25 min ...
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Fr. Matt Blake giving a talk at Holy Hill Hermitage

Key Ideas in the Writings of St. John of the Cross

Talk by Fr. Matt Blake Fr. Matt Blake introduces us to the ideas that are central to understanding St. John of the Cross. 32 min ...
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A person standing in darkness

Because it is Night

Talk by Fr. Matt Blake Listen to Fr. Matt Blake discuss the Dark Night as understood by St. John of the Cross. 31 min ...
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The Dark Night for Ordinary People

Talk by Sr. Ceil Sr. Ceil uses practical examples to help us understand how God is trying to take us to someplace new. 38 min. Please click below to hear Sr. Ceils teaching on the Dark Night of the Soul ...
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Fired with Love’s Urgent Longings

Talk by Gillian Coxhead Using music to accompany her reflections, Gillian asks what is the experience of “love’s urgent longings” and dips well into John of the Cross’s poem to describe how God gives us a taste for Him alone. Venture of Delight (27 min.) Fired with Love's Urgent Longings (47 min.) One dark night ...
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Flying into Perfect Hope

Talk by Br. Thomas Br. Thomas tells us that if we give up our expectations then we can move into God’s domain, let him come now, and let him take hold of us. 25 min ...
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Mary and Carmelite Saints

Allure of Carmelite Spirituality

Talk by Gillian Coxhead Gillian speaks of Carmelite spirituality in terms of beauty, its allure, and its being able to name the cry of the human heart. 45 min ...
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What is Carmelite Spirituality?

Talk by Fr. Matt Blake Fr. Matt describes even as he takes us into the images and depth of Carmelite spirituality. When one’s spirituality causes us to live from the deepest place within, we are authentic. 35 min ...
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Finding God Among the Pots and Pans

Talk by Gillian Coxhead Listen to Gillian Coxhead as she discusses finding God in the pots and pans. Part I: She explores how finding God is being faithful to self-giving duty while hinged to one's silent centre. 29 min. Part II: Don't be sad if you are drawn into exterior works unto exhaustion, because God ...
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