One thought on “Teresa of Avila and Common Questions on Prayer

  • 29th January 2020 at 8:38 pm

    O deus ego amo te….what do I love thee Lord for then? For being my king and Lord amen’ thankfor the talk, the direction. In the dark, in the night, afraid and ‘praying’ every known prayer to relieve me of anxiety over a sick child, a grown up alcoholic. I get up, walk the dog as the dawn lightens the sky and certain as the dawn, the heart is lifted up. I g,o to mass and gaze into the eyes of the Lord in the picture of the sacred heart. No words, in the silence, the stillness, heart is bound to heart. Your Love and Your Grace is sufficient for me. ‘Leave it all to me’ says the Lord. Thank you Lord. Your Peace comes with gratitude for the strength I am given to persevere. The talk was given on my birth date!


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